i <3 bubble tea


Styles: Smoothie, Slushie, w/ milk, w/o milk, etc.

Tea: Black, Green

Milks: Condensed, Evaporated

Add the <S></S> to indicate anything you don't like


What is Bubble Tea?
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D.C. Bubble Tea
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Bubble Tea Quiz
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Miyu's Inferno
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Caroline's Personal Page

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Bubble Tea. Boba. Pearl Milk Tea. However you know it, you know you love it.

Are you addicted? Can't get enough? Want everyone to know that bubble tea is what flows through you? Then this is *the* clique for you.

The rules are pretty simple - 1) Stick code on your site. 2) e-mail me with your name, url, and flavour. 3) Code must be reasonably easy to find.

The basic code: <A HREF="http://www.miyu.us/boba.html">I <3 Bubble Tea:</A> Insert Flavour.

Get as creative and specific as you want with your code - after all, you want everyone to know EXACTLY how you like your boba!

For example, my code:

I <3 Bubble Tea: Watermelon; Style: Smoothie; Milk: Condensed; Pearls
(yeah I don't like the pearls, LOL)

And that's it! Now go show your Boba Pride!

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