i <3 bubble tea


Styles: Smoothie, Slushie, w/ milk, w/o milk, etc.

Tea: Black, Green

Milks: Condensed, Evaporated

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What is Bubble Tea?
Good Info and has supplies :D

D.C. Bubble Tea
More Info & Supplies :D

Bubble Tea Quiz
I found this a bit ago

Miyu's Inferno
Home of der blog and other stuff o.O*

Caroline's Personal Page

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Miyu - Watermelon (alt. Mango-Almond, Honeydew), Smoothie, Pearls
Caroline - Mocha
Rheytarian - Vanilla Latte
Kurenai - Watermelon+Smoothie+Pearls
Rebecca - Lychee Slushie Boba, Green Tea Boba w/o milk
Missy - smoothie
Icy - Green Apple
Midori - Lychee/Passion Fruit, green tea. Style: no milk, pearls
Reiko - Pearl & Lychee Jelly Milk Tea!!
*~K - Taro
Dave - Strawberry with Extra Bubble
Sarah - Strawberry Milk
Miggs - Taro!

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Created on October 23rd 2002 & Last Updated November 29, 2002